Alja Shaar z naprstnimi činelicami

Slovenska plesalka orientalskega plesa Alja Shaar začenja novo leto s posebnim tečajem in sicer se boste lahko naučili uporabljati sagati, majhne naprstne činelice. "Z majhnimi činelicami, ki si jih pritrdimo na prste, lahko močno popestrimo svoj orientalski ples. Predvsem pa so tečaji naprstnih činelic zelo zabavna vadba za možgane in pa seveda prstke.  Imam še nekaj prostih mest, zato vabljena, da se nam pridružiš. Zaželjeno znanje osnov orientalskega plesa. Začnemo v četrtek, 10.01. ob 18.00 uri na Društveni 20 v Mostah v Ljubljani. Cena tečaja je 36 evrov na mesec." Če sagata še ne poznate, je Alja priložila posnetek s katerim vas bo pripravila do tega, da vas bodo lažje 'zasrbeli prsti' . Zaželjene so predhodne prijave.
Alja Shaar
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  • was in contact with ya beofre on the book am trying to put together we DidNT COnfORm on the punk,ska and oi scene in irelands smaller cities and towns.your extract on that terrible incident was great,i actually have that very NME having purchased it in probably the last vintage magazine and newspaper,paraphenalia shop left in london(technology rules yeah????)in SOHO about 9 or 10 years ago.Gigs were restored to Belfield but violence also returned and i remember a nasty incident involving punks and skinheads from finglas outside the belfield canteen beofre a gig and the special branch using their non negotiating skills in trying to recttfy the situation.were SIDE FX playing that night,cant remember.i also remember another early gig by DC NIEN at the students union office,DC NIEN attracted a fair skinhead following early on,must confess couldnt see the connection with a lot of their tunes but anyway there was a bit of argy bargy at that too-but obviously nothing as serious as your own highlighted incident.At a gig by THE DEPRESSIONS(bristol punk band,later called the D.P.'s)in preston a lad was stabbed to death too,so it wasn't just an irish thing.I also remember aggro at the stanglers gig in the state in phibsboro,,at the liberty hall punk gig involvung girl punk band THE BOY SCOUTZ who supported some big punk band,and at was it SLF in the mansion house?????Bands like THE OUTCASTS,CRISIS,and BAD MANNERS had the correct attitude with aggro merchants,get into the middle of them,give them a good going over,and turf them out.always worked.,
  • Lety
  •   |   26.1.2013  |  
  • 16:44
  • This man is aware of the legal maxim that you can't un-ring a bell. Once one's tarnished itindety information is out there (tarnished by its purported link to illegal activity) it is forever open to abuse. As such, this information should only be made available under the greatest of care with all proper legal procedures followed and all legal protections in place. The use of ex parte hearings to get at this under grounds that don't exist (that data logs will be lost or destroyed), illegal investigations of dubious quality, hearsay testimony by RIAA vice presidents who have not overseen any aspect of the actual investigations, and unfounded legal theories on making available being equated to actual distribution absolutely do not qualify. Nor does improper joinder. This man hopes that the judge in this, and all similar cases, takes note of all this and reaches the right decision that there is no case here to start with.{The Common Man Speaking}
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