Mats Ek

“Ples je razmišljanje s telesom. Ali je treba razmišljati s svojim telesom? Morda ne za preživetje, ampak za življenje. Toliko je misli, ki jih lahko izrazi le telo. Druge stvari, kot so mir, so lahko pomembnejše od plesa. A ples bo potreben, da bomo lahko proslavljali mir. In za izganjanje demonov vojne, kot je to delal Nižinski. Anarhistka Emma Goldman je morda to najbolje izrazila: za revolucijo, ki mi ne dovoli, da bi plesala, se ne splača boriti. Bog Šiva je ustvaril vesolje s svojim plesom. Vendar je ples nasprotje vsem božanskim pretenzijam. Ples je nenehno obnavljajoč se poskus kot pisanje v vodi. Ples ni življenje, ohranja pa pri življenju vse majhne stvari, ki sestavljajo veliko stvar.” (razmišlja o plesu in njegovem poslanstvu legendarni švedski koreograf in ustanovitelj baletne skupine Cullberg Ballet Mats Ek)
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  • Sandra
  •   |   29.7.2014  |  
  • 5:14
  • PLE versus LMS - Although I found the title of this blog a bit cosfinung - to me it seems to imply that one may be better than the other - I believe that the PLE and the LMS can not be mutually exclusive because we simply need both of them. If I think about most students' experiences, through the academic world, they have been exposed to LMS from a young age; the information was centralized, the expectations and goals were clearly defined, and for the most part knowledge was unidirectional with a beginning time and an end time. Basically they had to adapt to the system. On the other hand, with the proliferation of technology, PLEs - such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, My Space, YouTube, SlideShare, Google,...etc - are now very much accessible to users, and the beauty is that users do not have to comply to any system, they can select their own learning systems/topics/time and develop their own community, and network of knowledge sharing. In essence PLEs are flexible and completely "user-centric".In conclusion, I believe that ideally incorporating some level of PLE into the LMS would be very appealing and beneficial to today's end users. [url=]mbhatl[/url] [link=]wnhxcuctog[/link]
  • Valentin
  •   |   26.7.2014  |  
  • 20:33
  • . Nothing new there even if it's only a cell phone and TV. I also think that the explosion of Web 2.0 tools has crateed incentive for many of us to move much of that PLE online and at the same time add the PWLE part as well. Companies used to own the PWLE because it was on their computers, network etc., but now that it's online the genie will be out of the bottle. The PWLE will be more the responsibility of the learner and will also be more the property of the learner except where intellectual property rights are concerned. Maybe this PLE/PWLE gets taught/encouraged from within many environments (school, work, non-profits) as a way to promote a good life much in the way we treat health issues.
  • Rakesh
  •   |   25.7.2014  |  
  • 5:20
  • I've wrestled with this one quite a lot in vairous guises in vairous posts. However, as I commented on Stephen's post, I categorically do not see my learning environment as being associated with my job - it's MY learning environment, it's about ME. But the issue of boundaries, and ownership has been one I have revisted from time to time on my blog. I don't have lines around my work, my home, my studies, my blog, my faith, my hobbies. It's all just one thing: my life. The corporation does see lines, though, and they probably think I colour over the lines in my picture book. We have had a few minor headbumps over this so far, but I suspect a major one might be on the cards!I think there are bound to be more and more of us caught in this conflict of agendas going forward. [url=]vazabvzliw[/url] [link=]fourmylgl[/link]
  • Conchita
  •   |   22.7.2014  |  
  • 12:45
  • Hmm. I'm worried about the libnllaeg of the various LEs. This speaks of clearcut boundaries. The separation of for-work learning from other learning. I would have trouble separating a PWLE from the rest of my life, let alone the rest of my learning. Also, by saying that a learning environment needs to be "set up" imputes a measure of formality that I'm not sure is warranted. Because my learning journey is lifewide as well as lifelong, it existed before any formal structures were set in place - either by me or my employer. Not only does it follow me from job to job, but it follows me home, and to university and to church and behind the mic at band practice and and and....The concept of a formalised PLE (or PWLE or PXLE) speaks to me more of training and less of learning. My employer might have a form of LMS which might include a space referred to as my PLE, but I don't restrict myself to it. Just as my life is bigger than my job, so my learning is bigger than any formalised environment that exists, on or offline.
  • Sujaya
  •   |   15.7.2014  |  
  • 11:40
  • And that's a different story algetother.I totally understand though. I encounter that myself quite often! Blogging can be time-consuming and takes a fair bit of discipline.
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